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Typography in Our Daily Lives

Posted on Jul 8, 2014

Everyday we’re greeted with an array of messages that scream for our attention.

From street signs to menu boards, typography and typographic letterforms are the common ingredients for communication. Yet, how often does one stop to analyze these symbols? Illustrated below are various examples of everyday typography.

Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.
Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style


A condensed typeface that commonly appears in signs. The uppercase treatment lends authority to the message.


A mundane sign set in a common typeface, Arial.


Chalk on blackboard harkens to a bygone era. Chalkboard fonts attempt to reproduce this graphic quality.


The typeface found on this menu was presumably selected to reference Japanese calligraphy.


The building type is faded, yet still decipherable. This illustrates our profound ability to comprehend typographic symbols, however diverse in form.